*The Main House features an expansive living room, a sun room, a front parlor, a small office/library, and many covered and uncovered porches. Its kitchen consists of a sink and a refrigerator, and stocked with coffee and tea, along with whatever snacks and drinks writers bring along. Cooking facilities are not available to writers to prepare personal meals, as all meals are prepared and served by the chef in the Cook House. With plenty of seasoned firewood, the massive fieldstone fireplace in the living room provides the house's heat. Some bedrooms do not have closets, but all have dressers and/or luggage racks, and closets are available in hallways adjacent to rooms without closets. All beds are fitted with electric mattress pads, and extra blankets and pillows, in case of chilly nights. All rooms have been described and pictured as accurately as possible, still interior changes may have been made by the time of your arrival. 

**Price includes room, all meals, participation in after-dinner readings and critiques, and transportation to and from the island (by boat). Responsibility for reaching Port Clyde, ME, is that of the writer's. Prior to the retreat, attending writers will be invited to a private Facebook page where they can make ride-sharing arrangements, and get last minute reminders and details. Trips to and from the mainland must be arranged through Pam Loring (once per day for all), are weather dependent and subject to guidelines set by the island's caretaker/boat captain and Pam. Any additional departures or arrivals to the island or requests of the island's caretaker must be made through Pam and not by direct request to the caretaker. Lastly, the remoteness of the island unfortunately prohibits attendees with severe allergies or those who are mobility impaired from safely attending this retreat.

(Gertrude) Stein Room

On the second floor, the Stein Room is a charming corner room with with views of the interior, a small desk, a dresser, two extra long twin beds, a closet, and easy access to the shared bathroom next door. It's also adjacent to the library. Very private, quiet and light-filled. ($1750/week single; $2200 shared). September 26-Oct. 2: reserved; Oct. 2-9: reserved.)

(Sarah Orne) Jewett Room

The Jewett Room is located on the first floor with views of both the ocean, the long expansive lawn, and Barter Island across the water. With its own private entry onto the covered porch, the Jewett Room holds two extra-long twin beds, a (non-working) fireplace, and loads of antiques, and is located on the east corner of the main house. It shares a full bath with the Alcott Room and the Hurston Room, and is adjacent to a water closet, which is shared with the Hurston Room. (Shared: $2400. Single: $2000/week. September 26-Oct. 2: reserved; Oct. 2-9: reserved.)

(Charlotte Perkins) Gilman Room

Yellow, of course, the spacious Gilman room is a shared corner bedroom on the second floor with stunning views of the ocean and the long lawn and fields. The very spacious Gilman room features two extra-long twin beds, wicker chairs, bureaus, braided rugs and easy chairs. A full shared bathroom, with clawfoot tub, is across the hall. Adjacent to the library and at the top of the stairs (Shared: $2600. Single: $2100.  September 26-Oct. 2: reserved; Oct. 2-9: reserved.)

The following room is reserved for scholarship recipients 

(Sandra) Cisneros Room

On the second floor, this single room with views of the island interior features a queen bed, a side table, a closet, and a small sewing table which can be used as a desk. It is easily reached from the kitchen stairs, or the living room stairs, and has easy access to a hallway bathroom with a pull-chain toilet and clawfoot tub. Though not pictured, windows face north and west. ($1750/week.  September 26-Oct. 2: reserved; Oct. 2-9: available.)

(Flannery) O’Connor Room

The O’Connor Room is a palatial single room with a queen bed and a sweeping ocean view on the second floor of the Main House. This sun-filled corner room features a sofa and chairs, a walk-in closet, and direct access to a roomy upstairs (shared) bathroom with a deep clawfoot tub. ​($2150/week.  September 26-Oct. 2: reserved. Oct. 2-9: reserved.) 


(Zora Neale) Hurston Room

Described by some as the most serene room in the house, the Hurston Room is a corner room with a queen bed, a small desk and a views of the island interior. Accessed via its own private entry from the side yard, the Hurston room can also be accessed via the Jewett room. Although accessible by crossing through the Alcott and Jewett Rooms, the Hurston Room should be accessed via its private entryway when the other rooms are occupied. Adjacent to a 1/2 bath. ($1750/week. September 26-Oct. 2: reserved; Oct. 2-9: reserved.)

(Willa) Cather Room

Small, simple, and very private, the Cather room has one twin bed, and windows facing the island interior and back porch. Access to the room is via a private doorway on the open back porch. This room offers closest access to the outdoor shower, and features a dresser, side table, and antique crib. Reserved.

​​​​​​​(Louisa May) Alcott Room  

Located on the main floor of the main house, just off the living room, the roomy Alcott Room has an ocean view, a door to the front covered porch, a door to the open back porch, and plenty of windows. The room features a king bed, a sofa and chair, a picturesque but non-working fireplace and plenty of elbow room. Access is via the front porch or living room. The adjacent full bathroom, shared with the Jewett room and the Hurston room, is accessed via a short hallway. ($1775/week. September 26-Oct. 2: reserved; Oct. 2-9: reserved.)

Rooms and Rates

​​(Toni) Morrison Room  

Facing the sea, with a view of Barter Island, and  private entry onto the covered front porch, the grand dame of the Main house has a king size bed, a day bed, a corner desk, a (non-working) fireplace, plenty of windows and a full bath with a claw foot tub. Access is via the front porch, or the main foyer. Morrison room guests are encouraged to offer to share the bathroom with other writers when the room is not in use. Very private room and the largest bedroom in the house. ($2175/week. September 26-Oct. 2: reserved; Oct. 2-9: reserved.)

The majority of rooms are single occupancy, but the Gilman Room and the Jewett Room can be reserved as a single or by a pair of writers who wish to share: note pricing differences for those scenarios. The Cather Room is reserved for the scholarship recipients. If we're booked (or the rooms you'd want are), please do let us know, and don't hesitate to send in an application or contact us anyway--we have cancellations every year, and a space for you may open up. 

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