The Salty Quill Writers​ Retreat for Women is pleased to offer two scholarships to the seventh annual Salty Quill Writers Retreat (one scholarship in the spring and another in the fall). Each scholarship includes accommodations, all meals, and boat transportation from Port Clyde, ME to McGee’s Island and back again. All the scholarship recipient has to do is get herself to Port Clyde, ME. 

The scholarship award is based primarily on your writing sample. Special attention is given to historically underrepresented and marginalized writers, preferably who are in financial need. No recommendations are necessary. We hope to attract writers who would benefit from the kind of uninterrupted time and space achievable at McGee Island, alongside a supportive community of fellow writers. 

Scholarship application fee is $25. Applicants must apply for the spring and the fall sessions separately. Applications for the spring session are available Feb. 1st, 2022, and the application deadline for for the spring session is March 31st. Scholarship applications for the fall session are available May 3rd and the deadline is June 27th. Decision will be made in early August. To apply, please email: for an application form.

Please note: once again, our fingers are crossed covid19 will not interrupt plans and that we can safely hold the retreat providing all abide by covid safety protocols. Also, due to the remoteness of the location, if you have health concerns, severe allergies or other concerns that may impact your attendance, please contact us before applying to assure that we can accommodate you. If you become ill with anything potentially contagious during the retreat, regrettably, you will be asked to leave.

For a look at our wonderful past Salty Quill Scholarships recipients, please visit Salty Quill Scholarship Recipients. We hope you'll consider joining them.

This year, the scholarship is supported in part by a donation made in the memory of Doris Barton. Doris Barton was a natural storyteller who lived life with vitality and joy. Though she never thought of herself as a writer, she wrote in journals most of her life, and depended on those journals to channel her feelings and ideas that didn’t have any other avenue for expression in her working class environment. She also deeply understood the power of a community of women to support and sustain each other. She would have loved the idea of giving women access to a place apart from the demands of their lives to write, but also to connect with each other.

DORIS BARTON (1927-2007)

​​Scholarships are closed for 2022.
​Three weeks of the Salty Quill in 2022. One full scholarship each week. 

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