​​writing retreat ​for women

​​​​​​​​​​The Salty Quill

A note from Pam Loring:

The 2015 Salty Quill Writers Retreat for Women, held October 10-17, 2015, is a week that I believe, we all will remember. The degree to which each and all of us meshed was beyond my imagination, surpassing my highest hopes. This magic does not always happen, but it can -- many of those who've attended residencies know how valuable they can be, not just for the time spent writing but for the sense of community, and kind of intimate and strong friendships that can only happen by living together for a time. We learned so much from each other, meshed so naturally, and I believe we all feel we've made friends for life. We continue to plan to get together, stay in touch and share and promote our successes on the Salty Quill Facebook page, and I think I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said each of us feel richer for and grateful for our time there. The writers made this happen, but it wouldn't have happened without our lovely and generous writer-in-residence, Jennifer Cody Epstein. Jenn was (and is) both down to earth and fun, helped us critique each other's writing at every nightly salon, and proved a creative, fun, and very capable instructor in her workshops. And, I think I would be drawn and quartered, as well as deeply ashamed, if I underestimated in any way the massive influence on the retreat's success that Mariane Marrone, chef and Raduno owner had. Going to the Cook House, with Marianne at the helm, preparing three delectable meals a day and oftentimes serenading us with her ukelele, was like going  home, home being that warm, safe and comforting place most of us knew as children. This luxury of three meals a day, which most women cooking, cleaning and working on this planet rarely experience, is a model based on the Turkey Land Cove Foundation, whose founders felt this a crucial element for the productivity and nurturing of their lucky grantees.

Salty Quill Writers' Retreat